This adorable couple has competed in ‘Mario Kart’ religiously since 2001



Start your year off with a dose of wholesomeness. 

Redditor u/bork1138 took a picture of their parents’ heartwarming tradition of competing in Mario Kart 64 to decide who has to make the daily tea. According to bork1138, they’ve been doing this “religiously” for the past 18 years. 

Here’s a photo of the couple in an almost identical position in 2014:

The OP says their father’s go-to character is always Toad, and their mother mains Wario for battle and Yoshi for Grand Prix. 

“Just a collision can lose a balloon,” bork1138 wrote about their mother’s love for Wario.

The parents usually play a round of Grand Prix and then a “best of 3” on Battle before choosing who has to make the tea. Read more…

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